About Me

First off, call me Greg! You get stuck using a formal name when there are 6,000 other Greg Smiths in the United States, but I’m not to be confused with him, this guy, or that guy either. Hopefully, one day, I can carve out a Wikipedia page as the Greg Smith who builds great software, but until then this is my platform!

The purpose of this site is twofold. Part of it is to (shamelessly) self promote myself and my projects. But at the end of the day, who the hell wants to go to a website unless it gives back? So more than a generic resume page, an island in the middle of cyber space, I want to share my two passions: music and software.

Teaming Up

Like what you see here? Have a great open-source project or world-changing start-up? Let’s talk! I’m sure you want to know a bit more about me so below is the informal breakdown. If you’re more into LinkedIn, check out my profile.

Where I Went to School

So what is a Hokie, anyways? I could give you the freshman orientation answer of “I am” but I think this article does a much better job explaining.

Virginia Tech
BS Mathematics | BS Computer Science

George Mason University
MS Computer Science | Emphasis on machine learning

What I Bring to the Table

My everyday stack…
Java | Dropwizard, Spring MVC, JUnit, EasyMock
JavaScript | Angular, lodash, Protractor, Tape, KnockoutJS
Ruby | Thor (for CLIs)
Tooling | Git, Jenkins

I’ve also built applications using…

I’ve dabbled in…
NodeJS, Ruby on Rails,PHP, Common-Lisp

Where I’ve Worked

I currently work at Opower as a full stack engineer. Opower develops cloud based software for utility companies that helps them achieve goals such as hitting energy efficiency targets and increasing engagement with energy consumers.

At Opower I’ve worked on various product teams building features for Opower’s digital engagement platform.

Prior to Opower, I primarily worked as a consultant for a number of State and Federal clients.  I’ve gotten to hone my skills on some great web apps, GIS analysis tools, and budgeting software.