SeuratJS – A Raphaël plugin for creating beautiful pointillized animations.

So I’ve been bad about getting programming posts up lately, and my Zero to Ruby series has suffered from a bit of a hiatus. The good news is that it’s because I’ve been busy pushing out my first real open source effort: SeuratJS.

As the title explains SeuratJS is a plugin for the SVG drawing library Raphaël and it was largely inspired by the work I put in developing the header for this site.  The library runs entirely on the client side and can transform an image into a pointillized rendition.  More uniquely, the library makes it extremely easy to animate the resulting points allowing for effects ranging from gentle fade-ins to randomized splattering of color that would make Jackson Pollock proud.

The library was officially released on June 15th and I’ve been floored by the response it’s gotten so far. Between three days of front paging /r/programming and being featured on Web Resources Depot I’ve had close to 4500 unique hits.  I have a set of new features and suggestions that I’m excited to get into the library shortly and it looks like I’ll have some help from the GitHub community.

TLDR; I have been getting some Ruby in and have updates coming soon, but in the mean time I’ve been having a ton of fun with JavaScript.

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