Ruby Summer Conference Extravaganza

As this summer wraps up, I’d like to thanks Arlington Ruby for their Unconference and Steel City Ruby Conf for putting together great events.

The events were both accessible and affordable, the latter being unfortunately uncommon for many conferences. Also, while both events offered tracks that appealed to intermediate and expert Rubyists, they also offered content that very much met the goal of getting more people involved with the language and programming in general. Finally, the group of attendees and companies represented at both events made for a great time!

Some (Slightly Related) Ruby Links

CommanLineFu – A great resource for command line tricks and wizardry.  Their twitter feed that only tweets content over the 100 vote threshold is particularly useful for identifying the best of the best.  Of course if we are going to dive into command line tricks this XKCD is relevant.

RubyMotion – iOS development with Ruby.

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