The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound

I imagine the majority of albums and tracks I’m going to cover on this blog are going to fall into the category of ‘new music’.  But sometimes, a certain season, mood, or random seed reminds you of an old favorite.

The Gaslight Anthem’s ‘The 59 Sound’ is one of one of those favorites.  The album is 12 tracks of New Jersey born Americana that ooze with a grit and soul that would make Bruce Springsteen proud.  Perhaps then, it’s less surprising that the Gaslight Anthem spent 2009 touring in support of the Boss’ recent resurgence.  This pairing bolstered the band’s popularity and broadened its appeal from a younger generation, already wondering aloud if Brian Fallon, lead singer and songwriter, was rock & roll’s savior, to an older generation that, though likely incredulous, could connect back to a time when rock & roll didn’t need one.

I had the pleasure of seeing TGA play shortly after the release at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.  I wish I had known their material a little better before going to the show because the album is packed to the brim with anthems.  One real foot-stomper is the album’s namesake.  There are a number of great clips online of ‘The ‘59 Sound’ live, but this version from Glastonbury (with a special guest) may be most appropriate.

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