Lonely Forest – Turn Off This Song and Go Outside

After a winter that never came, a beautiful spring has arrived in Virginia.  With the warm weather, an apt single has started to receive spin on national alt stations.  Lonely Forest, a band from the small coastal town of Anacortes, Washington has been lighting up the radio waves with ‘Turn Off This Song and Go Outside’ from their 2011 release Arrows.

So turn off, turn off this song
find someone to love
turn off this song you can listen to it later
and go outside

The track is reminiscent of early Jimmy Eat World.  A brilliant hook and an atmospheric mixing deliver a sound that is able to offer nuance as well as the backdrop to your summer nights.  The video, which is filmed in Anacortes, captures the likely inspiration for the song and provides vibrant imagery that ties well.

Arrows is filled with many other strong tracks that capture the richness of the rural Pacific Northwest.  “Coyote” and “We Sing In Time” are worthy of a check out, though while you’re at it, I’d highly recommend giving the entire album a spin.

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