Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

Finals are approaching, and that means I need some fresh music to ‘carry me’ through.  Last year I was lucky enough to stumble upon Wild Nothing’s – Gemini.  This year I’ve been  charmed by Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and her infectious band Of Monsters and Men.

Now I wouldn’t describe myself as being into Icelandic Folk-Pop, but the band is  undeniably affable.  The dual vocals are done masterfully Nanna’s voice is breathy, yet bright, and her band mate Raggi’s is a smooth compliment.

Little Talk is the debut single off the band’s first EP – Into the Woods and is responsible for catapulting the band onto the international stage.

With an aggressive international touring schedule (I’m jealous of anyone who caught them at SXSW) and their newly released album ‘My Head is an Animal’ this band is almost guaranteed to explode over the next couple months.  In the mean time great tracks like ‘Mountain Sounds’ and ‘Your Bones’ will be the backdrop to my late nights of ‘Advanced AI’ and ‘Algorithms.’

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